About Us

Originally founded in 1993 as Zebra Systems, Inc. by Bruce and Jo Neuman, NovaTek Software has been providing point of sale systems for nearly 2 decades. It is, was, and always has been a family-owned and operated business.

Having run into software support nightmares outselves with other companies, we vowed to offer the best support of ANY software company.

In addition to being able to talk to the people who actually write the program when you need assistance, you will talk to someone you know - not "Operator 452."

Just look at what a few of our customers have said about our service and support:

"I love the care and support you give your customers" - Lyn, Country Floral
"I've come to depend on Bruce and Jo ... and they never fail to come thru" - Opal, TJ's Supply
"NovaTek has exceptional customer service" - Brandi, Nowak Dental
"Thank you for great service" - Dottie & Jerry, Village Mercantile

We are a small company, and we like it that way. It allows us to get to know most of our customers and have a personal relationship with them. Isn't that what you want from the company that provides the software you rely on to run your business?



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